Bankers Kick Off ‘Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week’
Tuesday, 22 September 2015

WASHINGTON — The American Bankers Association (ABA) has kicked off “Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week,” a new program designed to encourage bankers to host policymakers from their state for a visit at their local branch. More than 100 banks have invited nearly 200 members of Congress for an opportunity to see in person how banks operate, how regulations affect them and the roles banks play in communities.

“It’s important for those making policy decisions that impact the banking industry to truly understand the ins and outs of our business,” said James Ballentine, ABA executive vice president, congressional relations and political affairs. “We’re thrilled that bankers and members of Congress will have a chance for face-to-face interaction in more than 40 states as a part of this program.”

Many events will take place this week while lawmakers are home during their district work period and additional visits are scheduled to take place through November.

Banks participating in Take Your Lawmaker to Work Week will offer insights and expertise that demonstrate how important banks are to their hometowns and will show lawmakers first-hand how many of the issues on their agenda in Washington affect the work bankers do on a daily basis.

Resources to help registered banks prepare for these visits are available on, ABA’s grassroots communication platform. Bankers Speak Up launched in 2013 to help bankers tell the story of their bank in their community. It is open to all bankers — not just ABA members — and features an array of resources, from legislative backgrounders to local media tips to turnkey presentations a banker can use to address a civic group.

(Source ABA News Release)