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FutureSoft opens office in London Print E-mail
Tuesday, 17 February 2015

FutureSoft, the developers of the Excalibur Debt Collection Management System, the leading debt collection software solution based in South Africa, has made a further international foray, with the opening of an office in London. Countries outside of South Africa in which you can now find Excalibur include Botswana, Namibia, Swaziland, Lesotho, Ghana, Zambia, Kenya and the UK.

Rob Rafferty, Chief Finance Officer at FutureSoft, said the expansion into the UK was a “natural progression”, given FutureSoft’s aggressive growth.

The expansion into the UK is linked to the services supplied by Sanclare Financial, to its clients in the United Kingdom. Sanclare Financial is an existing client of FutureSoft with an 300 -seat debt collection call centre in Cape Town for both South African and UK clients and a client service centre in Sittingbourne, which FutureSoft will now be supporting.

“We will also be looking to add additional clients in the next 12 – 24 months,” said Rafferty. “Excalibur already caters for multiple currencies and our law is not too dissimilar from the UK. While FutureSoft’s London office is not expected to have any material impact on total revenue in the immediate future, our aim is to establish a footprint in 2015, from which it can expand over the next few years.”

Rafferty said Excalibur was designed to be very flexible, but a number of changes had to be made to suit the UK laws. “Once we have Excalibur in a more robust UK environment, we can really stress test to see if we've missed anything.”

FutureSoft currently boasts in excess of 200 clients, with the biggest debt collection call centre running 3,000 users. Excalibur is used by a significant number of law firms, recovery agents and corporates to manage their debt collection workflows and strategies. Excalibur is capable of performing in call centre environments, traditional legal environments, Garnishee and Emolument Attachment environments, foreclosures and asset recovery environments, and general credit management environments.

Chris Fisher, MD of  Sanclare, Cape Town, said Sanclare is looking to expand its brand more forcibly, adding that the UK had become a “prime focus”.

“I believe that with FutureSoft and Excalibur we have the correct platform and it will assist us in increasing our overall efficiencies, ultimately enabling us to grow our call centres and our revenues both in SA and the UK.”

(Source - FutureSoft Press Release)


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