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Boylesports renews contract with Experian for age and identity verification Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 February 2014

Nottingham, 20 February 2014 — Experian®, the global information services company, announced today that Boylesports, Ireland's largest independent bookmakers and online betting company, has extended its contract with Experian to provide age and identity checks for its users.

Experian’s service will help prevent underage gaming and protect against the risk of identity fraud. Experian’s automated identity verification tools, Prove-ID, has been integrated into the Boylesports’ online platform, enabling operators to quickly and easily check player identities, conduct age checks and verify payment details in real-time.  For gamers, the automated service means an improved customer experience as genuine customers can be verified quickly and efficiently.

Experian’s authentication platform, Prove-ID, will allow Boylesports to select which criteria it checks against, making sure that identity verifications are accurate and robust. The purpose-built user interface also delivers simplified results, highlighting if there is a problem in the verification process. By determining the authenticity of customers, fraud levels will also be mitigated.

Linda Gray, Customer Services Manager at Boylesports, commented: “Creating an efficient identity verification process is essential for building a trusted and reputable brand, particularly as we grow and expand in international markets. The ability to verify users in real-time, by using Experian’s sophisticated authentication tools, not only helps us maximise the level of trust in the transaction but also ensures a more positive customer experience for those using our platform as time is not only saved on verification processes, giving gamers faster access to sites, but threats such as credit card fraud for online customers are also reduced. Experian has a strong reputation in the gaming industry and its age verification tools and identification management expertise will continue to support Boylesports in the future development of its platform. Experian’s commercial flexibility and proven experience in implementing Prove-ID made it a clear choice for Boylesports.”

Sandra Green, Director, eCommerce & Gaming, Experian Identity & Fraud, commented: “We look forward to continuing our partnership with Boylesports and delivering our proven identity verification services whilst also reducing any risk of fraud. As the online gaming industry continues to grow at a rapid pace with increased competition, it is more important than ever for online businesses to reduce the length of time and margin for error that occurs during player verification and customer transactions. This ensures a more positive customer experience as users face a reduced risk from fraud and more efficient verification time. Furthermore, against a backdrop of increased regulatory scrutiny, Experian’s ID verification services will help organisations like Boylesports maintain the highest integrity.”

(Source - Experian Press Release)


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